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Adding Clinical Decision Support to Leading EHR Solutions

January 10, 2011

As you may have seen in our recent announcement or coverage in Health Data Management, DiagnosisOne has partnered with Polaris Medical Management to integrate our clinical decision support (CDS) capabilities into their EpiChart electronic health record (EHR) solution.

We’re excited to be working with leading EHR providers like Polaris to meet customer demand for clinical decision support capabilities that help satisfy Meaningful Use requirements and improve patient care. Healthcare providers are recognizing that adding CDS capabilities is a key step for obtaining federal stimulus funds established in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

According to Noah Benedict, COO of Polaris:

“Clinical decision support is an essential capability for our healthcare provider customers as they seek to improve the quality of patient care and satisfy Meaningful Use requirements. DiagnosisOne provides us with the ability to quickly and easily integrate a world-class, standard-based CDS solution into our EHR offerings. The addition of DiagnosisOne’s clinician-friendly CDS capabilities provides Polaris with a key competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

We’re committed to working with forward-thinking EHR technology providers like Polaris to enable physicians to practice evidence-based medicine at the point of care. Through this and future partnerships with leading EHR providers, we’re looking forward to helping healthcare providers worldwide make their data actionable, reduce costs and improve the quality of patient care.


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