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DiagnosisOne in the News- Quantifying Quality of Care

February 17, 2011

By Mansoor Khan

I had the pleasure of writing an article for Executive Insight  that discusses the debate about tying compensation to provider performance. Critics say quality in healthcare is a challenge to measure and often even harder to define.  Meanwhile, we know that one person’s definition of quality of care may not necessarily correlate to better outcomes, which often fall outside the physician’s control. Still, in an effort to curb skyrocketing healthcare costs, many payers and providers are moving forward to feverishly implement programs that pay more for documented quality of care.

Are you ready to meet these metrics?

The article outlines how, over the next few years, more of a provider’s compensation will be tied to some measure of the quality of care provided, and explores the real-time clinical decision support (CDS) and population management (PM) tools that are necessary to make informed, evidence-based decisions at the point of care to help make healthcare data actionable.

Will this help stakeholders benchmark, measure and trend quality metrics and even outcomes? I invite you to comment and share your perspective on this issue.

To learn more, check out the article: Quantifying Quality of Care: Clinical decision support and population management technology can help meet the emerging challenge of tying compensation to provider performance here.

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