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New White Paper Explores Clinical IT Requirements for ACOs

February 28, 2011

At DiagnosisOne, we’re keenly aware of the significant interest that is emerging in the formation of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). As part of our ongoing commitment to providing timely and useful information and observations about the markets we sell into and the broader evolution of the healthcare industry, DiagnosisOne has created a new white paper that explores industry trends that are shaping the ACO discussion, as well as the key steps that providers must take to enable effective patient and population health management.

Some of the topics covered in the new white paper include:

  • Background on the origins of the ACO concept and the emergence of legislation that has driven skyrocketing interest in ACOs  
  • Questions that remain concerning the implementation of ACOs, such as payment methodology, the optimal level of clinical service integration, and the specific performance measures
  • Additional clinical IT needs at an ACO, including the role clinical decision support and analytics must play, to successfully achieve error reduction, standardization, and improved coordination
  • Recommended strategies for meeting ACO requirements through a three-part IT process
  • How a modular system on a common platform can be easily implemented to achieve a stepwise, non-disruptive and flexible strategy for ACO-enabling analytics and can scale to grow over time.

This document, “Clinical IT Requirements for ACOS” is the first in an ongoing series of whitepapers that we will deliver on pressing issues for the healthcare industry through our Resource Center. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the document and hope it proves useful as you evaluate your next IT step for achieving ACO objectives.

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