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New Study Validates Individualized Guidelines for Patient Care

June 21, 2011

We at DiagnosisOne read with interest the results of a recent study that was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The study, “Individualized Guidelines: The Potential for Increasing Quality and Reducing Costs,” found that the use of individualized guidelines can help to increase the quality and reduce the cost of care.

Taking into account a wide range of assumptions related to cost, level of risk in the population, and workflow effects, the research showed that patient-specific alerts were still significantly superior to general guidelines.

These results reinforce what we at DiagnosisOne believe is critical for the patient encounter, a completely individualized, patient-specific approach at the point of care. This belief is reinforced by the recent release of our smartPath platform, which provides real-time, patient-specific alerts and intelligent order sets at the point of care to improve quality and reduce costs. smartPath evaluates all known patient data and returns only the information that is most relevant for that individual. We offer a completely individualized approach to each patient encounter.

We are encouraged by this latest research and expect to see continued validation of individualized, patient specific guidelines at the point of care. To find out more about how DiagnosisOne can help your organization accomplish this, we encourage you to check out our smartPath technology today.

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