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Meaningful Use Stage 2 Regulations

February 27, 2012

We were very excited to see the Meaningful Use Stage 2 proposed regulations which came out on February 23rd while at HIMSS. Read the proposed federal regulations.  There is obviously much discussion in the blogosphere about what these regulations mean and how they will impact healthcare technology vendors as well as providers. At DiagnosisOne, we have found the foremost interesting requirement to be CPOE and multi-parametric orders (Meds, Labs, Rads), which can be found on page 47:

“Objectives and Their Associated Measures

(a) Objectives and Measures Carried Over (Modified or Unmodified) from Stage 1 Core

Set to Stage 2 Core Set

Proposed Objective: Use computerized provider order entry (CPOE) for medication, laboratory and radiology orders directly entered by any licensed healthcare professional  who can enter orders into the medical record per state, local and professional guidelines  to create the first record of the order.

We propose to continue to define CPOE as entailing the provider’s use of computer assistance to directly enter medical orders (for example, medications, consultations with other providers, laboratory services, imaging studies, and other auxiliary services) from a computer or mobile device. The order is then documented or captured in a digital, structured, and computable format for use in improving safety and efficiency of the ordering process.

CPOE improves quality and safety by allowing clinical decision support at the point of the order and therefore influences the initial order decision.”


DiagnosisOne today has solved many of the problems at the point of order with Intelligent Order Sets®, and we have been a great proponent of CDS@CPOE. It makes perfect sense to empower care providers at the Point of Order. Care providers need ALL CDS capabilities to make insightful decisions, not just a template or even just order sets (Intelligent Order Sets are just a beginning). Moving even beyond orders, risk scores and a precise clinical summary is needed right there, right then.


Add to that what Aetna’s CEO has said at HIMSS recently. Now that payors will be unable to refuse a patient who may fall into a high risk group (this has been a focus of claims-based analytics), managing populations becomes even more critical, and CDS@CPOE along with clinical analytics, such as we offer with smartWatch®, are crucial.


We have very strongly believed that the time of order is the best place to provide CDS support simply because that is where the action is. If we can enable physicians to make better decisions at this crucial stage of providing care, we have achieved our goal.



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