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Of Analytics and Tractors

February 6, 2013

It is my pleasure to introduce Michael Donohue to our team. He joins us from Allscripts where he most recently served as Vice President of Community Sales Strategy. Michael’s passion for improving healthcare through analytics and decision support, as well as looking at the industry in a unique and insightful manner, will help play a very significant role at DiagnosisOne.

-Mansoor Khan, President and CEO 

Michael Donohue


Of Analytics and Tractors

By Michael Donohue, EVP of Sales and Marketing

Recently the New York Times published an interesting opinion column, We Can Be Healthy and Rich , from Ezekiel J. Emanuel, an oncologist and former White House adviser. The column discusses how the proposed insurance exchanges, along with lower premiums, will renew focus on hospital re-admissions and hospital acquired infection.  This will indeed position hospitals in a very critical position from a cost perspective. Hospitals may need to think creatively on ways to decrease costs. Typically for hospitals, the first reaction may be to conduct staff layoffs.

However, as of late, we are finding more emphasis on controlling cost escalation by using data and analysis in a more meaningful manner especially in home care. In turn, insurance exchanges will give consumers more choices and ultimately empower them to make more of their own healthcare decisions. As this evolves, caregivers and providers will need data and analytics to help make these decisions.

In the column, Dr. Emanuel makes a parallel to what is happening in healthcare to the mechanical evolution in Agriculture such as the tractor.  You might be thinking what is common among tractors and analytics? However just like tractors plowing the way for greater productivity in agriculture; analytics are increasing productivity in healthcare by making information more actionable to the provider, payer and even the patient. Today analytics and decision support is available in the hospital and in the ambulatory world, but the next decade will see it permeate into the home as well.

Real-time analytics and decision support allows better triage and improves patient care, at the point of care, when it matters most. Similarly, consumer focused products in the home setting that allow better and more informed decision making will soon be in high demand as well.

The fix for healthcare ills is not as obvious and definite as a tractor’s function. However, on the path to healthcare improvement, there is an opportunity for solutions providers to offer innovation through new products and workflows that lead to more jobs, lower healthcare costs and improved patient outcomes.


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