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DiagnosisOne Unveiled New Name, Alere Analytics, at HIMSS 2013 Annual Conference

March 13, 2013


A Message from Mansoor Khan, Sc.D., Chief Executive Officer of Alere Analytics


At the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference last week, DiagnosisOne announced that the Company is now conducting business as Alere Analytics. In July 2012, DiagnosisOne joined the Alere family, and together we are committed to shaping the changing world of Healthcare. We share a unique patient-centered vision—providing real-time decision support and analytics that not only impact physicians and providers, but as care moves back into the home setting, we envision a “connected home” as well. The connected home will enable information to be integrated across HIE/EHR systems and even to patient devices. And with the DiagnosisOne Clinical Decision Support (CDS) platform, physicians will be able to make informed, point-of-care decisions that can dramatically improve patient outcomes and better manage chronic diseases and patient populations.

We are proud of the industry-leading innovations that DiagnosisOne has created, and although our name has changed, we will continue our commitment to providing best-in-class analytical and clinical decision support solutions that integrates Meaningful Use interoperability and accountable-care standards.

Commenting on the Alere Analytics rebranding, Alere Chief Executive Officer, Ron Zwanziger, stated, “Clinical decision support and analytics tools  play a vital role in our ability to offer comprehensive health information solutions by enabling providers to personalize care for each patient, which in turn contributes to increased treatment effectiveness, improved outcomes, and reduced costs.”

As we begin our new chapter with Alere, we are excited to integrate our clinical decision support technology with other innovations at the company. A great example of this integration is the recent alliance with Virtua, a healthcare delivery leader in southern New Jersey. Through this alliance, Virtua plans to build upon its existing implementation of Alere’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) and deploy our Clinical Decision Support (CDS) solution to identify gaps in both preventative and critical patient care.  The technology will assist Virtua’s nurse coordinators and physicians with real-time decision-making and communication. Nurses from Alere will also be engaged to supplement Virtua’s care coordination team. To learn more about this exciting new technology partnership, click here.

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