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Alere Analytics Launches Infection Control Solution at APIC Conference and Delivers a Keynote Presentation at the ACO Summit

June 14, 2013

Alere Analytics launched its Clinical Surveillance product for hospitals at  the 40th Annual Conference of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) last weekend on June 7-10, 2013. The new automated technology solution is designed to manage antimicrobial stewardship, infection control and medication management. Alere also showcased several of its rapid diagnostic tests such as  Shiga, (MRSA) PBP2a, and C.diff. , as well as its antimicrobial stewardship initiative Test Target Treat™


APIC2Alere’s new Clinical Surveillance Solution is currently being deployed at a large over 500- bed hospital in the greater New York area, which further strengthens Alere’s rapid diagnostics and real-time decision support footprint in over 2,000 hospitals. The Clinical Surveillance Solution provides a dashboard view of all patients currently being treated in order to provide clinicians with real-time information that can reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections. The platform’s single sign-on provides access and input data without requiring providers to sign on to another system, and can be easily integrated into existing hospital systems with no disruption to workflow. In addition, our flexible and evidence-driven rules editor help infection control personnel to prevent Healthcare-associated Infections (HAI), identify those at risk of new infections, take appropriate action in real-time, and prevent adverse events and readmissions.

The Alere Analytics Clinical Surveillance Solution provides hospitals with real-time capabilities that support the following initiatives:

Antimicrobial Stewardship

  • Supports and optimizes antimicrobial reviews, such as IV to PO conversion and appropriate selection of antimicrobial drug regimens, including automated antibiogram development and distribution

 Medication Monitoring

  • Provides real-time information such as therapeutic drug levels (peak and trough) to ensure efficacy and reduce toxicity, as well as provide alerts on the  number of days that a patient has been on IV therapy for possible conversion to an appropriate oral medication

Anti-Coagulation Management

  • Monitors patients on Heparin and Warfarin/Coumadin, an anti-clotting medication, and can alert clinicians if there is a need to adjust doses to treat and prevent venous thrombosis (blood clots)


  • Provides real-time recommendations to providers on when to immunize against influenza and pneumococcal disease and to remove catheters

 Disease and Patient Monitoring

  • Delivers customized dashboards, including renal and hepatic function monitoring and patient assessment parameters

Isolation Support

  • Supports efforts to isolate patients to decrease the spread of infection

If you would like more information about Alere Analytics’ new Clinical Surveillance Solution, please contact Roger Panduro at . You can also download our white paper, “Antimicrobial Stewardship: Empowering Providers to Reduce Risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.”


Dr. Fauzia Khan,  Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder, presented a keynote on Analytics and Health IT for the Population Health Management track at the 4th National Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Summit on Friday, June 14.  The ACO Summit brings together leading political, business, and health care professionals to provide in-depth insights into accountable care and health care reform through innovative technology and strategies.

To hear more about Dr. Khan’s keynote presentation, click’s Inside the Hive blog post, “Alere Analytics to share vision for transforming population health management.”

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