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Insights Shared from Technology Leaders at the ACO Summit: Industry Panel Highlights Shift to Value-based Outcomes

June 19, 2013


Last week, Dr. Fauzia Khan, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Alere Analytics, presented a keynote on “Analytics and Health IT for Population Health Management” at the 4th National Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Summit. Following her keynote, Dr. Khan moderated a panel of thought leaders in the ACO market.

Panel participants comprised of the following executives:

  • Peter E. Alperin, M.D., Vice President of Medicine, Archimedes Inc., Former Director of Medical Informatics, Brown and Toland Medical Group
  • Lisa Farnan, Vice President, Accountable Care, The TriZetto Group
  • Miles Snowden, M.D., MPH, CEBS, Chief Medical Officer, Optum
  • Mansoor Khan, Sc.D., Chief Executive Officer, Alere Analytics

In her keynote, Dr. Khan emphasized that just like the Industrial revolution saw science and technology come together, we are in the midst of another historic change, with outcomes and value coming together with patient care. She notes that with healthcare costs predicted to rise 70% over the next 10 years, it is necessary for organizations to embrace new integrated care models. Cost constraints dictate that instead of one-on-one models, we need a care team approach and segment the population so that most appropriate care can be matched to each cohort. $1 Trillion dollars will rotate from the old fee-for-service model to new care models such as the ACO, which would require essential data capture and technologies such as health information exchanges (HIEs), Analytics and clinical decision support (CDS) to meet evolving healthcare needs.

Additional Panel Highlights:

  • Population Analytics:
    • Information to enable development of effective population management strategies, identify system-wide issues, and align clinical service lines against the areas that can reap the greatest improvement
  • Value Based Benefits:
    • Value-Based Benefit Design, which build enrollee incentives into the benefit design and effect of local and geographical variations in promoting outcomes and healthy behavior.
  • Data Management: Old vs. New
    • Old model: Static data based off of claims information, ADT data or abstracted data and limited clinical data.
    • New model: All available patient information, including complete patient histories, known labs, past procedures, medications, and various other relevant data including device data

For additional insights on the evolving ACO care model, you can download Alere Analytics’ white paper, Clinical IT Requirements for ACOs, Enabling Effective Patient and Population Management.

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