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Alere Analytics Attends eHi Forum 2014, Presents Panel on Population Health

May 29, 2014

Last week, Alere Analytics had the pleasure of exhibiting and attending the eHealth Initiative National Forum on Data and Analytics. This year’s event was held May 21 – 22 in the historic Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. It was a great two days spent conversing with policymakers, innovators and leaders in the healthcare and health IT world about how we can leverage data and analytic technologies to improve our industry.



Jennifer Covich Bordenick, CEO of eHi, makes opening remarks at eHi Forum 2014


Our VP of Clinical of Clinical Operations, Dr. Muhammad Zahid, spoke on the first panel of Day 1, “Managing Population Health in Accountable Communities.” Dr. Zahid spoke to the crowd on the challenges and opportunities surrounding data use, integration and quality improvement when an Accountable Care Organization utilizes Clinical Decision Support to effectively manage patient populations. This is especially relevant in today’s healthcare practice, which is transitioning to a value-based system where reimbursement depends on meeting federal quality standards, and patient satisfaction continues to increase in importance. Dr. Zahid also highlighted the  importance of data interoperability during the panel, saying we must continue the process of breaking down the old silos of healthcare data in order to have access at the point-of-care, across the entire continuum. This will truly make the massive amount of data we collect now actionable in order to improve patient care and, ultimately, their health.



Dr. Muhammad Zahid speaking on Managing Population Health in ACOs panel during eHi Forum 2014




Our sales team meeting with eHi Forum attendees during the networking sessions


Some highlights are below:


On Sharing CMS Data with the Public

“On balance we think the value of having the data out there is extremely helpful….We’re putting a lot of chips on the power of data.”

-Niall Brennan, MPP, Acting Director, Offices of Enterprise Management, CMS


On Privacy

“If we try and achieve no risk– then there is no data.”

Daniel C. Barth-Jones, MPH, PhD, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University


“Some people have called me a fear monger. I don’t have fears that people will be harmed. People have been harmed.”

-Deborah C. Peel, MD, Founder & Chair, Patient Privacy Rights


On Controlling Costs

“There are three types of analytics that build on each other: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive.”

-Marcus Wilson, President, Healthcore


From ONC

”We need to do a better job at standardizing standards… I think we have responsibility to focus ourselves so that we know what are these core, really important data elements with the common data dictionary we are going to share that would be the foundational element from which we can build… Some foundational building block that allows us to have the core things we need and we can build from there as a country to serve the clinical environment, public health, population health, and beyond.

-Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MsC, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology


For more Alere Analytics’ executives thought leadership on Big Data, the importance of analytics in healthcare, and managing population health for accountable communities, visit our website.


For more information about eHealth Initiative, visit their website.

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